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Bruker Alicona @WESTEC 2019

Highly accurate, fast and flexible optical 3D measurements on the move


3D measurement system for form & finish

InfiniteFocusSL is a cost efficient optical 3D measurement system for easy, fast and traceable measurement of form and finish on micro structured surfaces. Users measure both form and roughness of components with only one system. 

Measurements are achieved in seconds and features, such as a coaxial laser for quick and easy focusing, further increase usability. With an automation interface, InfiniteFocusSL is also applied for fully automatic measurement in production.

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Alicona InfiniteFocusSL

Learn how Focus-Variation is used in practice

User Case Story: Vitesco

3D measurement technology & AI ensure reliable powertrain technologies

For the implementation of a new laser cleaning process, Vitesco Technologies, formerly Continental Division Powertrain was looking for a measuring device to monitor the performance and quality of laser processing in series production. The automotive supplier found it in a Bruker Alicona 3D measuring system. In addition to the 3D topography measurement, this offers a new classification software. Based on AI, the software automatically detects OK and not OK surfaces.

Roughness measurement with Alicona InfiniteFocusSL


Artificial intelligence creates new possibilities

At Bruker Alicona, we use AI in algorithms for measuring high-resolution 3D optical data, and for automatic evaluation of this same 3D dataset. In this lecture from Techdays 2021, Thomas Lankmair, Head of Application Competence Center (ACC), shows which measurement jobs can be solved based on AI. He presents applications that would have been difficult or impossible to solve using conventional methods. These also include an AI-based solution for automatic defect detection and measurement. We also shows you how you will be able to soon integrate AI into your measurement technology independently.

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Applications & Measurement Solutions

Applications of optical 3D metrology in the tooling industry

Cutting edge defects, high wear, long machining times or unsatisfactory results on drills, milling cutters etc. are challenges with which manufacturers are confronted. The optimal tool and machining parameters can be determined with optical 3D metrology.

Optical metrology for tooling applications
Webinar: Controlling tool quality on the shop floor
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Measurement Report: Reliable tool quality control
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White Paper: Are your cutting tools competitive?
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Applications & Measurement Solutions

Dimensional metrology to increase efficiency and safety of turbine engine components

Non-contact, dimensional measurement together with industrial automation capabilities enable a number of time-saving measures in quality assurance. Check out the following material to find out more details on applications with the optical coordinate measurement system µCMM or the Cobots, a combination of high resolution optical 3D metrology and collaborative robotics!

Optical Metrology for aerospace Applications
Webinar: Optimize your turbines by optically measuring break edges and defects
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Measurement Report: Turbine blade measurement using Focus-Variation
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White Paper: Non-contact and highly accurate measurmeent of critical turbine engine components
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Information and trends in measurement technology

Vertical Focus Probing

Vertical surfaces with more than 90° can now also be measured optically with the optical coordinate measuring system µCMM.

µCMM Webinar

In this webinar you will learn how dimension, position, shape and roughness of complex geometries can be measured with only one sensor. Furthermore, you will receive information on the latest development of the core technology focus variation - 3D hole measurement.

Gear shaft inspection with the 3D coordinate measuring machine

This report shows measurement results measured with the µCMM - the world's first optical-only 3D CMM. The measuring object is a faulty gear shaft, measured with the µCMM and a rotation unit (Real3D).