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    3D Measuring
    3D Measuring generates 3D data. Trough usage of this 3D data measures as for example rotundity can be determined. 

    3D Surface Measurement Technique
    This is a technique for the three dimensional measurement of surfaces.




    Amplitude Parameter
    Roughness parameter from the draft of ISO 25178 (e.g. Sa, Sq,…)

    Anaglyph Image
    An anaglyph image is a red-blue-image that consists of two images. When using the stereo goggles you get a 3-dimensional impression.

    Autocorrelation Parameter

    With the help of the auto correlation parameters it is possible to identify the structures of the surface of a specimen.




    Cutting Edge Measurement
    The edge measurement is used to measure the stylus tip radius and the stylus tip angle from different cutting tools.




    Digital Elevation Model - the measured surface model of your specimen

    Draft of ISO 25178
    The draft for the ISO 25178 includes international standards regarding the analysis of 3D areal surface texture and for the first time also a norm for optical systems.




    Eucentric Tilting
    It is a technique to capture stereoscopic images.

    Exposure Dynamic
    Number of height steps that can be measured.




    Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT)
    With the FFT you can analyse which parts of a frequency are represented in a signal. You can also tell how strong each frequency is represented in the signal.

    Focus Variation
    Its operating principle combines the small depth of focus of an optical system with vertical scanning. This measurement technique is registered in the draft for the ISO 25178.

    Form refers to the shape of a surface which differs from a flat line.




    Gradient Allocation
    The gradient allocation describes how slopes are arranged on the surface of the specimen.



















    Measure Point
    A measure point consists of an X, Y and Z value. The object is created out of a multitude of measure points. This measurement technique is

    Modulated Light
    Light that strikes the specimen with variable intensity.




    Nano Coordinate Measurement Technique
    The object to be measured is captured by a coordinate measurement device. The coordinate measurement technique collects several measure points. The measurement results are calculated out of all single points with a certain algorithm.




    Optical Measurement

    Generally you can differ between optical and tactile measurements. When using optical measurement you do not need to touch or adapt the object of interest.

    Optical Testing Technology

    This is a technique for optical, contactless measurement and inspection of components.










    Repeat Accuracy
    The repeatability of a certain value measured under the exact same circumstances.

    Roughness includes the finest (shortest wavelength) irregularities of a surface. Roughness generally results from a particular production process or material condition.




    SmartFlash is the combination of XSmartFlash and modulated light. Through individual light control optimal measurement data can be created for steep flanks as well as for specimens with different reflection characteristics.

    Spectroscopic Analysis
    Spectroscopic analysis is the analysis of the frequency spectrum.




    A tolerance is an acceptable range for a dimension to take, a specified interval of dimensions where the part will still work acceptably.

    The tribology investigates e.g. friction, lubrication and attrition of bearings, guides, gear mechanisms, motors and other machine elements.







    Vertical Resolution
    The vertical resolution of a measurement is the smallest height step that can be measured.







    XSmartFlash is the adaptive control of exposure time/illumination of every single measurement point.









    Technologie de mesure de coordonnées 3D pour la mesure de forme et de rugosité

    Alicona propose des systèmes 3D de mesure de surface pour l’assurance qualité tant en recherche qu’en production. Notre valeur ajoutée réside dans la possibilité qu’ont nos systèmes de mesurer la forme et la rugosité sur de larges zones et dans de grands volumes de mesure. La mesure d’arêtes de coupe et la mesure de rayons et d’angles de faibles dimensions sont des applications typiques de nos systèmes. La Variation Focale, la technologie au cœur de la gamme de produit InfiniteFocus, combine la métrologie de surface traditionnelle avec la technologie des machines à mesurer tridimensionnelles. Cette technique permet d’atteindre des résultats de mesure répétables et raccordables de haute résolution même en environnement de production.