Automated Multi Edge Measurement on the EMO Milano 2015 | Alicona

    Automated Multi Edge Measurement on the EMO Milano 2015

    Measure multiple edges in one single measurement run with the new EdgeMasterX

    High resolution cutting edge measurement with the new EdgeMasterX

    The new and fully automated cutting edge measurement device from Alicona enables production integrated quality assurance of inserts, drills, mills and other round tools. Measure a series of various tool parameters not just only on one or more cutting edges, but also on several work pieces with one single command. Convince yourself from the new EdgeMasterX online and see automatic edge measurement in perfection: EMO Milano 2015, hall 5, booth C26. We are looking forward to see you there!

    Are you ready for industry 4.0?

    Experience the latest machining concept for intelligent tool preparation with Alicona and OTEC. Besides the processing of cutting tools, the new OTEC stream finishing system with an integrated Alicona sensor offers automatic quality control with subsequent opti-mization of process parameters for future work pieces. Take a look into the future of fully automated manufacturing: Hall 7, booth G23.

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    Form and roughness in one system. That’s metrology!

    The fastest optical sensor in its class: With the new generation of InfiniteFocus, form and roughness in the range of µm and sub-µm, are measured 20 times faster than before. The spectrum of measurable surfaces is almost unlimited, enabled by the use of coaxial lighting and an optimized LED ring light.


    Be there and convince yourself from the efficient, high resolution and traceable measurement results of the Alicona measurement systems: EMO Milano 2015, hall 5, booth C26.

    Technologie de mesure de coordonnées 3D pour la mesure de forme et de rugosité

    Alicona propose des systèmes 3D de mesure de surface pour l’assurance qualité tant en recherche qu’en production. Notre valeur ajoutée réside dans la possibilité qu’ont nos systèmes de mesurer la forme et la rugosité sur de larges zones et dans de grands volumes de mesure. La mesure d’arêtes de coupe et la mesure de rayons et d’angles de faibles dimensions sont des applications typiques de nos systèmes. La Variation Focale, la technologie au cœur de la gamme de produit InfiniteFocus, combine la métrologie de surface traditionnelle avec la technologie des machines à mesurer tridimensionnelles. Cette technique permet d’atteindre des résultats de mesure répétables et raccordables de haute résolution même en environnement de production.